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Conflicting Information About Vaccines

One of the first things a new parent is asked to decide is how he or she is going vaccinate their child.  As with many things about raising children, there is no clear cut answer to this issue and there are compelling arguments to be made on both sides of it.  My husband and I believe in vaccines and in the fact that they have saved countless lives.  We (well, more me than "we") also believe that the current vaccine schedule pushed by pediatricians and the media advocates too much, too soon, too often.  Obviously, this is my own opinion and I would never judge anyone for what they decide is right for their family.  We chose to give our children all of the vaccines suggested for them up till now, but spread them out as much as we could.  Yes, it meant the kids were at the doctor's office more often than "necessary", but I felt more comfortable knowing I wasn't bombarding their little bodies with so many things all at the same time.  I knew that in Europe there is an entirely different vaccination schedule and it didn't make sense to me to push so much on their tiny bodies at so young an age.

There are many out there who believe that there is the possibility that vaccines, although they usually cure most people, have caused great damage to others.  There is the theory that some people are predisposed to be more sensitive to what is in these vaccines thus making them susceptible to things like Autism and so forth.  I'm not a doctor.  I don't know the answer.  But for me, that makes some degree of sense.  And to me, I think: "why not follow that hunch and see if that is so".

Dr. Jay Gordon is a remarkable doctor here in LA.  He's not our pediatrician but he is a very present voice on the side of less medicine for our children.  To me that's remarkable - a Western medicine doctor, extremely learned and respected, who is very verbal about his views on the way medicine is practiced here in an America.  And his views are not mainstream to most.  It was Dr. Gordon that put my mind at ease about Swine Flu.  When everyone was freaking out about getting vaccinated, I read his newsletters advocating common sense and seeking to establish calm.  I chose to follow my gut, not to get the flu shots and our kids, and we, were absolutely healthy throughout the flu season.

Recently Dr. Gordon was interviewed for a PBS documentary entitled "The Vaccine War".  Inexplicably his entire interview (and other interviews which support his point of view) were eliminated from this show.  If any of you watched it, I thought it might be interesting to you to read Dr. Gordon's response to this:

"Last night, PBS aired a show called "The Vaccine War." I was interviewed at great length and in great depth about vaccines and my point of view and expressed my ambivalence about the polarization of this issue and the need for more calm reasoned discussion about the number one question that new parents have. 
I told Kate McMahon, the co-producer of the show, that there was a large group of doctors and others who cannot be dismissed with the facile label "anti-vaccine" because we still give vaccines and see a place for them in the practice of medicine, but we do not agree with the current vaccine schedule nor the number of vaccines children receive all at one time.

A few days ago, Ms.McMahon emailed me to tell me that the decision had been made to omit my interview from the show. There would not be one word from me. She didn't tell me that she had also omitted 100% of Dr. Robert Sears' interview. And that any other comments from physicians supporting the parents on the show in their ambivalence about vaccines or their decision to refuse all vaccines would also be omitted.

She left this as a show with many doctors commenting very negatively, very frighteningly and often disdainfully and dismissively about vaccine "hesitation" as they called it.

Below is my email response to Kate McMahon.

Dear Kate,

The "Frontline" show was disgraceful. You didn't even have the courtesy to put my interview or any part of the two hours we spent taping on your web site.

You created a pseudo-documentary with a preconceived set of conclusions: "Irresponsible moms against science" was an easy takeaway from the show.

Did you happen to notice that Vanessa, the child critically ill with pertussis, was not intubated nor on a respirator in the ER? She had nasal "prongs" delivering oxygen. I'm sorry for her parents' anxiety and very happy that she was cured of pertussis. But to use anecdotal reports like this as science is irresponsible and merely served the needs of the doctor you wanted to feature.

No one pursued Dr. Offit's response about becoming rich from the vaccine he invented. He was allowed to slide right by that question without any follow up. Dr. Paul Offit did not go into vaccine research to get rich. He is a scientist motivated by his desire to help children. But his profiting tens of millions of dollars from the creation of this vaccine and the pursuit of sales of this and other vaccines is definitely not what he says it is. His many millions "don't matter" he says. And you let it go.

Jenny McCarthy resumed being a "former Playboy" person and was not acknowledged as a successful author, actress and mother exploring every possible avenue to treating her own son and the children of tens of thousands of other families.

I trusted you by giving you two or three hours of my time for an interview and multiple background discussions. I expressed my heartfelt reservations about both vaccines and the polarizing of this issue into "pro-vaccine" and "anti-vaccine" camps. I told you that there was at least a third "camp." There are many doctors and even more parents who would like a more judicious approach to immunization. Give vaccines later, slower and with an individualized approach as we do in every other area of medicine.

What did you create instead?

"The Vaccine War."

A war. Not a discussion or a disagreement over facts and opinions, but a war. This show was unintelligent, dangerous and completely lacking in the balance that you promised me--and your viewers--when you produced and advertised this piece of biased unscientific journalism. "Tabloid journalism" I believe is the epithet often used. Even a good tabloid journalist could see through the screed you've presented.

You interviewed me, you spent hours with Dr. Robert Sears of the deservedly-illustrious Sears family and you spoke to other doctors who support parents in their desire to find out what went wrong and why it's going wrong and what we might do to prevent this true epidemic.

Not a measles epidemic, not whooping cough. Autism. An epidemic caused by environmental triggers acting on genetic predisposition. The science is there and the evidence of harm is there. Proof will come over the next decade. The National Children's Study will, perhaps by accident, become a prospective look at many children with and without vaccines. But we don't have time to wait for the results of this twenty-one year research study: We know that certain pesticides cause cancer and we know that flame retardants in children's pajamas are dangerous. We are cleaning up our air and water slowly and parents know which paint to buy and which to leave on the shelves when they paint their babies' bedrooms.

The information parents and doctors don't have is contained in the huge question mark about the number of vaccines, the way we vaccinate and the dramatic increase in autism, ADD/ADHD, childhood depression and more. We pretend to have proof of harm or proof of no harm when what we really have is a large series of very important unanswered questions.

In case you were wondering, as I practice pediatrics every day of my career, I base nothing I do on Dr. Wakefield's research or on Jenny McCarthy's opinions. I respect what they both have done and respectfully disagree with them at times. I don't think that Dr. Wakefield's study proved anything except that we need to look harder at his hypothesis. I don't think that Jenny McCarthy has all the answers to treating or preventing autism, but there are tens of thousands of parents who have long needed her strong high-profile voice to draw attention to their families' needs: Most families with autism get inadequate reimbursement for their huge annual expenses and very little respect from the insurance industry, the government or the medical community. Jenny has demanded that a brighter light be shone on their circumstances, their frustration and their needs.

I base everything I do on my reading of CDC and World Health Organization statistics about disease incidence in the United States and elsewhere. I base everything I do on having spent the past thirty years in pediatric practice watching tens of thousands of children get vaccines, not get vaccines and the differences I see.

Vaccines change children.

Most experts would argue that the changes are unequivocally good. My experience and three decades of observation and study tell me otherwise. Vaccines are neither all good--as this biased, miserable PBS treacle would have you believe--nor all bad as the strident anti-vaccine camp argues.

You say the decisions to edit 100% of my interview from your show (and omit my comments from your website) "were purely based on what's best for the show, not personal or political, and the others who didn't make it came from both sides of the vaccine debate." You are not telling the truth. You had a point to prove and removed material from your show which made the narrative balanced. "Distraught, confused moms against important, well-spoken calm doctors" was your narrative with a deep sure voice to, literally, narrate the entire artifice.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Kate. You knew what you put on the air was slanted and you cheated the viewers out of an opportunity for education and information. You cheated me out of hours of time, betrayed my trust and then you wasted an hour of PBS airtime. Shame on you.

The way vaccines are manufactured and administered right now in 2010 makes vaccines and their ingredients part of the group of toxins which have led to a huge increase in childhood diseases including autism. Your show made parents' decisions harder and did nothing except regurgitate old news.

Parents and children deserve far better from PBS."

Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP

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2 Great Comments Made By Clicking Here!:

Christina Simon said...

The vaccine issue is so scary! I feel lucky that my kids didn't suffer any harmful effects from their traditional vaccine schedule. But, I know several parents who believe their children were harmed by vaccines. If my kids were newborns now, I'd ask a lot more questions. Love your blog!


The Twin Coach said...

Hi Christina,
Thank you so much for your note. I totally agree with you. We know so much more now than when your kids were babies, but it is still so easy to get intimidated by doctors who "know everything". I try to just do my homework as much as possible so I can back up my gut feelings with facts!

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