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Me, AKA The Twin Coach
I have always been one of those people that loves to research and disseminate information. When I became a mom, I took this to new levels. My friends jokingly began to call me MOTY (Mother Of The Year) because I seemed to know every place to go, every website to check out, and had been through just about every scenario with our twins that you could think of, so I had some advice to offer. 

I grew up in a family of writers; my father, my grandfather, my grandmother, even my father's adoptive father, all were or are writers. Writing was never my "thing", as far as a career was concerned, but I always kept journals and knew that I enjoyed writing and that it was a medium that helped me feel creative as well as allowed me to process through some of the harder times in my life. 

Before our children were born, I had a successful practice as a holistic healer specializing in various types of energy therapies and combining that body work with talk therapy. I loved helping people get "unstuck" and offering them new ways to see things so that, ultimately, they left my office in a better frame of mind than when they entered.

And now, here I am, mother of almost 4-year old boy/girl twins. I have been through divorce and re-marriage, infertility, IVF, birth of twins, numerous career changes, becoming a SAHM, hiring and firing 6 nannies as of this writing, group therapy, individual therapy, couples therapy, a heart attack (my husband's), extreme anxiety (mine), many parenting books, many parenting lectures, and many long-winded conversations with girlfriends about marriage and children and what it means to feel like a good mother.

I hope with this blog to make it feel like one of those conversations. I am by no means an expert on anything. I have more experience in certain areas than many people, and I like to share what has worked for me; but I purposely subtitled my blog with "One part friend who's been through it all. One part mom of twins trying to figure it out. One part mentor willing to share" for a reason. I think as parents we can all learn so much from each other when we pool our resources. 

So whether you have multiples  or singletons, please, take some time to visit and feel welcomed to add your comments and suggestions. I love to hear from you. If you are interested, I do private coaching sessions for expectant and new(ish) parents of twins at my office in Los Angeles or via Skype if necessary. I can be reached by email at

Here is some of what has been said about this blog so far:

"Put down all of your how-to parenting books and keep Gina Osher's article, 'Motherhood: Otherwise Known As Therapy' by your nightstand -- you will need it.Through personal anecdotes Gina bravely shares with us the triggers that may prevent a parent from being the best parent they can be. Absolute genius!
~ by Dr. Pamela Varady, Family Psychologist on Motherhood: Otherwise Known As Therapy

"Gina, it's so wonderful to have a guide like you with kids a few years older than mine, so I can be prepared when I get to the same spots. They're going to think "Gina" is an encyclopedia or something!" 
~ by Steven Brogden on Talking To Your Children About The Scary Stuff

"Just when I thought your posts couldn't get any better, you blog about Emotional Intelligence! I may only have two singletons, but I find your blog very useful and look forward to your insightful, thoughtful and intelligent posts! In keeping with this entry, The Echo Center is a wonderful resource for parents with the philosophy of empathetic parenting and being your child's emotional coach. Gina, keep 'em coming!"
~ by Mia on What I Am Is

"What a beautifully written post. It's often so hard to put into words why being a mommy is both so exhausting and so rewarding; thank you for doing it for me!"
~ by Megan on Why Are You Always So Tired?

"Once again, another inspirational and insightful post. You are amazing"
~ Sharon on Halloween Candy = The Meaning Of Life

Thank you for reading!
The Twin Coach
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