Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little Humor

I posted this on my Twitter feed a few days ago, and you may have already seen it, but if's pretty hilarious. If you are a parent of multiples you will definitely relate to the inane and intrusive questions. I know most people mean the questions innocently, but when you string them all together you do get a sense of what we "freaks of nature" (as the video is titled) have to deal with.

As I write this, early on Thanksgiving morning, the video also reminds me of all I have to be grateful for. I went through a lot to get where I am, so when I get silly questions about whether my boy/girl twins are identical, or overly personal ones about whether I had a c-section or delivered vaginally, I don't really mind. I am so grateful to have children and to have twins makes me feel blessed in myriad ways (even when they drive me insane). So go ahead, ask all the questions you want about my twins...I am very grateful to be in the position to answer them!

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Twin Coach

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Dana said...

"What is your favorite brand of tampon?"
This is hilarious!

The Twin Coach said...

Glad you liked it, Dana! My other favorite part was
"Which one is your favorite?"
"The one who is not screaming"

twinspot said...

Very funny!

I feel like I am in a happy cloud of baby love most of the time, because of the positive attention my 6-month-old girls get, so I am also not usually bothered by the comments. These girls make people happy just being cute...and if they smile...forget about it! All this makes my world a better place.

But I am still protective of the fertility thing, for whatever reason. This cartoon creator was insightful in noticing that the "Do twins run in your family?" question is not always that innocent. I tend to just say, "They do now."

Thanks for a great blog. I've been enjoying it tremendously.

The Twin Coach said...

Yes, I use the "They do now" answer sometimes as well. Or I say "We just got lucky" if I don't feel like divulging my personal infertility battle. Your girls are adorable & I understand why you are in a happy cloud. :-) Enjoy and thanks for the comment!

awombofmyown said...

"Which one is smarter?"
"I am."

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