Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome. Stop In And Look Around.

If you're just finding this blog today because of my article on The Mother Company, welcome! I was very excited to be asked to contribute something to their site as I love what they're all about. Like the mothers who started The Mother Company, helping parents to raise the social and emotional intelligence of both themselves and their children is one of the main reasons I began writing this blog. 

If you liked the article they chose to post, you might also like the original one which spawned the idea: The Superhero and Princess Epidemic or a recent post on emotional intelligence: What I Am Is. But I do write about everything from sleep deprivation to why motherhood is like good therapy. I began writing this blog thinking I would focus solely on parenting twins only to find out as it went along that even my most twin-specific articles were helping inspire parents of singletons. So, if this is your first time, stop and look around. There is something for everyone.

For those of you that are loyal readers of this blog, this is both a big thank you and a nudge to check out The Mother Company, it's a wonderful concept for a company that caters to families. They have chosen not to ignore the fact that media is a part of our culture; but, not unlike the superheroes I wrote about, they have chosen to use its power for good. Their video, "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show" is a wonderful example of how TV can actually help our children access and express strong, overwhelming emotions. Although our children watch very limited television at this stage, they have been fascinated by Ruby's Studio and we have actually used the vignettes as reminders of how to handle sadness or how to understand what anger looks and feels like. The site is full of insightful, entertaining articles as well. Here's the one I wrote: The Superhero and Princess Epidemic

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach

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