Monday, January 31, 2011

A Million Little Moments

There are times when I do feel truly centered
and parenting seems much easier.
I wrote a post last month about trying to remain mindful as opposed to losing my mind when things with my kids aren't so easy. It's been up and down since then. Some days I get caught up in power struggles with my daughter or get frustrated quickly with my son's high energy excitement or focus on the fact that I have had yet another terrible night's sleep. When I do this I end up feeling completely depleted and disconnected from the kids by the end of the day. 

Other days I do such a good job of keeping myself centered and my agenda in check that my daughter's tantrums don't set me off and my son's dreaminess and difficulty moving at my pace don't phase me. As I mentioned in that earlier post, one of the things that helps keep me in that more connected frame of mind is being in the moment. And what keeps me in the moment is really noticing the moments. I know that statement sounds simplistic and I know it's not easy to just "be in the moment". I know this because it's supremely hard for me, and I have some practice at it. 

My dad sent me a video today that really moved me. After watching it I had the most remarkable day with my kids. The whole afternoon was filled with things going "wrong" and yet I was composed. I was compassionate with meltdowns, I was relaxed during negotiations, I was patient with the pace at which things were moving. Most of all, I was really aware of all the little, ordinary moments throughout the day...none of which were remarkable, but in noticing them I was able to stay calm and focused. I don't know, maybe it's just coincidence. But I wanted to share the video with you. I'd love to know what you think.

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

If you can't see the video, please click on this link.

For me, it just boils down to being so grateful for each moment. No matter how basic, ordinary or simple; each moment can be a piece of poetry if you can only see it that way. I am sure I will be frustrated again. Or lose my temper. But it's not about being perfect. I'm simply working at being able to notice all these little pieces of the day, so I don't let one moment in time, that isn't going as I wish, destroy the million little, beautiful moments that surround it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still crying. Thank you!

Jane said...

Lovely -- thanks so much for sharing!

Lisa Sunbury said...

Thank you. I love this.

Dana said...

That was one lovely video, for sure. I wrote a post the other day about this very thing - ordinary moments I want to freeze frame. Give it a look if you get a chance:
Also, congratulations on moving up the Babble list. Pretty soon you're going to conquer the world!

The Twin Coach said...

Dana, I thought I left a comment on that post of yours when you wrote it, but I just looked & didn't see it. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for reminding me & anyone looking at these comments should definitely check out Dana's blog. It's one of my favorites.

Thank you to everyone else for your comments also. I'm so glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your most recent post. The video is so beautiful and truly inspires one to embrace each moment. Thank you for sharing this treasure with all of your followers.

Linia said...

Oh my goodness, way to make me cry.

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