Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sparking Some Good Conversation: Leaving Comments and More!

A little conversation between friends
One of the intentions I have set for myself this year, in terms of this blog, is to get more conversation going. I am deeply honored that so many people are reading what I write and am so touched when you take the time to tell me your thoughts. I do believe that parenting "experts" are helpful and I have learned a lot from many of them, but I have learned just as much from mothers and fathers like you. 

When I began this blog, I hoped to eventually create a sense of community where I can share my thoughts and ideas with like-minded people, and also receive their wisdom and experiences. Many of my readers email their thoughts to me directly, and I love that, but I have begun to realize that perhaps because of the way Blogger is set up, many of you don't realize that you are able to comment at the end of each post and that you can do so anonymously if you wish. Your comments are so welcomed and, in fact, encouraged. It is through dialogue that we begin to connect and share insight.

So forgive me if this is common knowledge or rudimentary, but more than a handful of people have asked how to post a comment. So here goes: at the end of each post, just past the photo suggestions of other posts you might like, if you don't just see a large box which says Post a Comment, you will at least see a few link symbols for sharing the post by email, on Twitter, Facebook etc. To the right of that is a very inconspicuous link (damn you, Blogger!) that says 0 Comments (or 5 Comments or whatever number of comments there are). Click there and you can write a question, a comment, a suggestion -- whatever you wish. You may post anonymously, use your name, link to your own blog...again, whatever you like!

If you would like to subscribe to comments (meaning, you would like to receive, via email, any comments made about a post), after clicking the comments link, you will see another link which says Subscribe by email. You can always unsubscribe afterwards by clicking the same link. That way, you know if someone has something to say about what you wrote or if someone has said something interesting about what I wrote and so forth. Voila! Conversation!

On that same note, many of you have found The Twin Coach on Facebook and Twitter already, but for those who haven't, I invite you to join us there. I post a lot of things that I find really interesting, thought provoking or of value (hopefully), but just don't have time to blog about. Again, there is great conversation happening there and I would love your voices to be added to it! Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for indulging me this little tutorial!

Oh, and while we're at it, have you signed up to receive posts via email yet? It's a great way not to miss out on anything! Just click on this link in my sidebar to the right that says Enter Your Email & click Subscribe Me!

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach

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