Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did You Know It's Our Anniversary?

Anniversaries are a big deal usually. They mark the passing of time, commemorate a special event and are cause for looking back on what has happened over the year gone by. Today is an anniversary of sorts. One year ago today, I started this blog. I guess that makes it a blogiversary? Anyway, I felt I ought to write to mark this occasion, but mostly I wanted to write to say a huge thank you to all of you. 

When I began this blog I did it mostly as an addition to the coaching work I was doing with expectant parents of twins. I thought I would put some of my tips and strategies here and send my clients over to see them. In very little time, the blog morphed into something unexpected. It became a place for me to work through my own parenting struggles, a place to expand upon my thinking about parenting methods and research in child development, and a place to figure out ways to make parenting joyful whether you have twins, triplets or singletons. 

Along the way, you have found me. I'm not always sure how, but I am so grateful. I love reading your comments and getting your emails. I love knowing that you relate to what I write and to what I am going through and I love knowing that I have helped some of you through difficult stages in your own parenting journey. In that respect, you have all helped me so much as I learn how to be a better and more joyful parent.

I am very well aware of how many blogs there are on the web and how busy all of your lives are. Because of that, I would love to know what you would like to see on The Twin Coach in the coming year. One of the areas I'm particularly interested in exploring is the sibling relationship. As my children have gotten older, this special dynamic has evolved (and grown more difficult) and I plan to write more about how we are working on that. When you have a minute, think about what topics you are most interested in, what areas you have the biggest struggles with or what you've read here and would like more of. I love feedback!

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach
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Steven Brogden said...

Happy Anniversary Gina! What an awesome blog that you have (and everyone should also friend The Twin Coach on facebook for more frequent goodies!). We are all better parents for your selfless contributions. You make the internet a better place.

Everyone, don't forget to vote for Gina at babble. Just a year out and in the top 40!

Christina Simon said...

Hi Gina! Congratulations on your blog's first year! I think I remember when you launched it. Has it really been a year????

Edward said...

Happy Anniversay TC! In just the short time I've been following and reading your blog it's become an instant favorite... I even piggybacked one of my posts from yours.

You should be very proud of what you've accomplished.... I hope that at the one yr point of me launching my blog I'm half as successful.

Keep up the good work!
FatherEd -

The Twin Coach said...

Oh dear friends, so nice to hear from you!
@Steven - your support is so appreciated. I think you found me while your babies were still in utero!
@Christina, I believe you were my first follower (beside friends & family who HAVE to follow me). LOL. Thank you for all you do!
@Edward - I was just thinking of you this morning! Thank you and so honored to be among your favorites. Your blog is doing so well & I am always so glad to get updates!

Semper Fi Momma said...

Happy Anniversary!! Been reading this blog for a while now, and love it. Great job. :) Looking forward to a year of more great posts!

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary Gina! I am so proud of you.

Each and every one of your posts are full of insightful information, valuable research, heart, love and soul and that's what keeps us coming back for more :)

Thank you for everything you put into it. Looking forward to many more great years. x

The Twin Coach said...

Thank you Jackie and Semper Fi Momma! So glad to know you're reading & I hope not to disappoint! :)

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