Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Must Be Big Time

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I love going to parenting workshops and sharing what I learn with all of you. I take notes, I do extra research, I add my own thoughts and ideas and hopefully provide some useful information for those who, like me, are working on being better parents. Really, helping people find ways to improve their parenting (which leads to happier, emotionally healthier children) is the reason I write this blog. Not because I make millions writing about this stuff. Actually, I make nothing. 

A few months ago I attended a workshop here in LA that was given by nationally-known early childhood consultant and speaker Jan Parish. Afterwards, I wrote two posts. One about encouraging a love of reading and the other about inspiring a love of writing. In both I gave obvious credit to Jan, plus links to her site. A lot of people wrote to me telling me how inspired they were by her work and I, myself, wrote that after attending Jan's workshop I noticed great changes in how I approached reading and writing with my kids. 

Today I received the following email from Jan Parish: 


You attended my trainings on February 19 & 20, 2011, at The Center for Early Education. On February 22 & 26, 2011, you published my material in two separate articles on your blogspot.

The material you published was not common domain. It was my life work, my words, my ideas, my power points, my handouts, and my image. All of which is copyrighted.
This is illegal.

I require that you cease and desist from reproducing, in any adaptation, my workshop content, power points, handout material, and all likenesses. I require that you and the blog host take these blogs down immediately. Notify me by email that you have complied.

My material cannot be reproduced.

If you do not do this immediately, a copyright lawsuit will be filed against you and the blog host.

Jan Parish

Jan proceeded to CC her attorneys as well. I don't know about you, but to me there didn't seem to be any need to write such an aggressive letter. Furthermore, I honestly don't see what got her so worked up. When I recently wrote about Dr. Dan Siegel's lecture, he proudly posted it on his Facebook page. When I wrote about Tina Payne Bryson's workshop, she tweeted the link. People who read these summaries told me how great the workshops sounded and how they would love to hear those people speak.

I told Jan I was sorry to have given her all the free publicity and I would be sure to let my readers know why the posts that potentially could help so many parents now are no longer available. Maybe I should take it as a compliment? If no one was reading my blog, no one would care what I write.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I have CC'd my lawyer. He also happens to be my husband.

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach 
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GretchenP said...

i think you worded your response very well! ie: "very sorry i was driving people to your site/work!" jeesh! can't people settle down a bit?!?! i look forward to your articles and think you do a great job. keep it up! :)

Mia said...

For a smart woman, Ms. Jan Parish is behaving very foolishly. You never said these were YOUR ideas, you linked everything back to her, in fact, there are many, many people out there who pay high-priced PR companies to do exactly what you did for her! Unlike the many other scientists, educators, therapists, and doctors you have reported on, she is clearly very insecure about what she has to offer the world, otherwise why would she feel so protective about the information she shared in a public lecture. What a shame, because though there may have been a value in what Jan Parish had to say, her behavior will preclude me from ever attending her lectures, buying her books, etc.
As always, your every post is greeted like a handwritten letter in my post box; every one waited for, savored, and truly appreciated. Carry on!

Dana said...

It sounds like maybe she didn't actually read your posts. Like someone just told her you quoted from her but they didn't give a full or accurate accounting of your story. Otherwise, I've got to believe she's just a numskull. I can't imagine a better compliment than to have you write about a workshop, article or book someone gave or wrote.

jackie said...

Wow - really? Talk about being scared for her job security! The reason I follow your blog is that you do so much research and ALWAYS site your sources! I will follow you regardless!

Anonymous said...

Seriously?!!! Who turns down free publicity in this day and age?

In a time when everyone seems to have something to promote, you would think having a (FREE!) very flattering recommendation written about your work by someone who is tapped into your target audience would be would gratefully received.

I have bought books that you have recommended on your site, written by other authors, and I have friends who have attended lectures you have mentioned here too.

This makes no sense to me.

Alexander Zeeman said...

I am a law student doing research. Thank you for providing an interesting item for class discussion.

I think your outrage, and that of your loyal supporters, is terribly misplaced. Copyright law is very clear. You can't reproduce someone else's work without their permission. PERIOD.

Attribution does not replace permission.

Extensive, verbatim reproduction of someone else's work is especially heinous.

What do you think copyright means, anyway? Why do you feel entitled to break the law?

If your husband is an attorney who knows anything at all about copyright, perhaps he will explain it to you. Meanwhile, you owe Ms. Parish an apology, not this nasty, public rebuke and effort to tarnish her reputation. You are the wrong-doer here.

I must say also, you do NOT make it very clear in your posts what is actually your own work and what you are quoting from someone work. I will be surprised if this is the last time you hear from an angry author--or a lawyer.

Christina Simon said...

Hi Gina,

I'm surprised by the extremely harsh tone of Jan Parish's letter to you. If she had a problem, all she'd have to do is contact you and I'm sure you'd remove the post. I get numerous solicitations every day from PR firms asking me to cover their product or book or item on my blog. She's taking the same position the music industry took regarding downloading music a few years ago and look at the record business now. Just keep your fabulous blog moving ahead and ignore the insecure people out there!

Anonymous said...

"You can't reproduce someone else's work without their permission. PERIOD."

Uh, no. Not true. Not true at all. Where anywhere on the blog did she reproduce the work in it's entirety without permission?

What she did was actually showcase excerpts from the work for COMMENTARY. The Copyright Act allows for quotations or passages to be used for criticism, comment or news reporting.

I believe the blogger only used what she needed to fairly state a point of view on a blog that discusses children's issues. She didn't reproduce the work without transforming it for fair use on her site. And she isn't claiming the work or thought as her own.

This is HARDLY the same as offering an illegal download, or posting an entire published book online for free.

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I hope when you go back to discuss this in class, someone brings up Fair Use and criticism.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a "family blog" but that chick needs to lighten the f*** up... Seriously?

I've mentioned you are your blog numerous times on my blog (FatherEd) and always give you credit and include a link back to your blog. I'm so glad you havent threatened to sue me.... Of course you wouldn't get much.... You wouldn't take my boys would you? lol

Keep up the good work. I part with a lawyer joke... your husband being excluded of course...

Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and a trampoline?
A: You take off your shoes before you jump on a trampoline.


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