Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Guest Blogging At Rookie Moms!

Many of you may already know the terrific site, Rookie Moms. If you don't, it's a great resource for parents with young children. This week Rookie Moms is running a full week of posts dedicated to multiple moms. I am very honored to be one of the first bloggers to be featured for Rookie Moms' Twin Week. 

Parents sometimes find themselves feeling more of a bond to one child than the other. It's not something most people feel comfortable talking about, but it happens. Here's the post I wrote about figuring out how to overcome the disconnection I felt from my daughter in the early days.

My post was originally titled One On One: The Cure For Disconnection, but Rookie Moms simplified it and just titled it Bonding With Each Child and it begins like this:
One of the fantasies that I had about being a mom of twins is how I would instantly love both my babies in exactly the same way. What surprised me the most when our twins were born is how very common it is for parents of multiples to feel more of a connection to one than the other. It is so rarely talked about that it causes a great deal of shame for those of us who experience it. This is not postpartum depression but rather an imbalance between how easily you connect to one twin over the other. This bond imbalance can fluctuate, shift from one child to the other and generally does not last - especially if the parent is proactive about it. This is an issue that I believe exists solely for those of us with multiples; a singleton mother may feel disconnected from her child at times, but she doesn't have the side-by-side comparison staring her in the face which adds to the already enormous guilt...
To read the full post, click on this link to take you to Rookie Moms. And if you can, leave me some comment love over there!

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