Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Special Discount For My Readers Only

The gold, flat charm so popular with
celebrities: $170 (but you get 15% off)! 
Just about every mother I know has some sort of charm necklace with her children's names or initials engraved on them. Grandmothers love them, aunts and big sisters wear them, even I have a set my husband gave me.

Today I came across a lovely jewelry line called Jordann Jewelry who offers, among other things, really unique engraved charms.The designer has graciously offered readers of The Twin Coach a 15% discount on any purchase made between July 28th and August 3rd, 2011. Read on to find out how!

Jordann Jewelry is a collection inspired by the Magnolia flower, a symbol of dignity and perseverance. The collection offers a full range of pieces that include earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles and personalized charms. The jewelry is glamorous and elegant while still being fun, flirty and whimsical. Each piece can be worn alone or layered with other pieces. The pieces are made in the USA and are available in Sterling Silver, and/or 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil.

The Hera necklace can be engraved
on the back. The center is a locket: $450
(but you get 15% off)!

The collection, which launched in 2009 in Palm Beach, Florida, has been a favorite of the New York to Palm Beach jetset crowd, tastemakers and Hollywood celebrities.

The designer, Jordann Weingartner is a young mom who understands the importance of wearing something that symbolizes your love and devotion to your family, which is why she created the monogrammed charms.

Celebrity moms also love the monogrammed Magnolia charms. Kourtney Kardashian wears an "M" medium sized Magnolia gold pendent necklace. She also ordered the Magnolia monogrammed ring with her son's initials. Katherine Heigl wears the gold magnolia pendent necklace engraved with an "N" for her daughter and Ashlee Simpson Wentz has the necklace with a "B" for her son.

The totally unique engraved enamel charm necklace
comes in lots of colors: $250 (but you get 15% off)! 
Just this year, Jordann Jewelry introduced the engraved enamel charm, available in a variety of colors. She is one of the first designers to engrave on enamel, offering a personalized necklace, with a pop of color.

On the charitable side, Jordann Jewelry designs the official necklace and bracelet for Locks of Love. This is the “official” jewelry of the organization, giving 25% of each sale directly to them to support the funding of providing hairpieces to under-privileged children who are suffering from Cancer or Alopecia

Prices range from $24 to $350. For more information, and to place an order, visit Use the word TWINS at checkout for your 15% discount! This offer is only good for one week (July 28th through August 3, 2011).

I hope you can use this to get yourself, or someone you love, a little something special. And please, share this with everyone you know...don't you love being the one who passes on a good deal to your friends? I know I do!

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