Friday, May 18, 2012

Help For Sibling Rivalry: Teleseminar Replay 3 Days Only!

Even though it's "normal" for siblings to fight,
it's so important to get to the root causes of it.
Last night I had the great honor of conducting a teleseminar with Patty Wipfler of Hand in Hand Parenting on ways to help improve sibling relationships. For some reason I was nervous about doing this seminar and kept procrastinating about posting about it here. So I apologize if you didn't know about it and missed listening in. But never fear, you can still hear everything we spoke about!

I wrote recently about Patty's new online course "No More Hitting" and really am a huge fan of the work she and her team do. In many ways, her approach is very unique and really powerful. I'm hoping that through these seminars she's been holding with educators like Janet Lansbury and Laurence Cohen (author of Playful Parenting), the techniques she teaches will reach more and more parents and become less unique and much more commonplace!

Patty and I spoke last night about our thoughts on sibling relationships and various ideas we have for improving them. If you happened to miss it (which you very well may have because I didn't tell you about it!), she very graciously has released the recording of the talk which is avaialble for FREE for 3 days only. The link will expire on May 21st after which they will be selling the recoding for a nominal fee.

Having siblings who are kind and loving
to each other is the payoff of all the hard work!
I hope those of you who were on the call found some helpful advice from both Patty and myself. A few of you left me some really lovely messages both here on the blog as well as my Facebook page...thank you! Knowing that you've made some breakthroughs in parenting your children makes me so happy.

So, whether you're listening to the seminar for the first time or listening again, please let me know in the comments if there are any questions you had about what we discussed or any questions you have that we didn't manage to answer. 

I'd like to try and take a few of your most difficult sibling issues and answer them as blog posts. So, fire away! 

Additionally, a few people asked me about the Kindness Tree that I mentioned in the seminar and I do want to detail that more fully for you and promise to do that in my next blog post!
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