Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding Help For the "Difficult" Child

Learning to stay connected to our daughter, even
during her biggest upsets, has been my biggest challenge
For those of us parenting a more intense child, a more needy child, a more emotional child, a child who is just....more, there are days that can feel so overwhelming and so unending that perhaps you may want to just crawl into a hole and hide. Or you find yourself yelling, losing your temper, losing the connection with your child. 

I know. I've been to all those places.

Our daughter is one of those kids. Of course she's delicious, kind, innocent and I love her deeply. And she makes me bat shit crazy sometimes. Much of this blog has been dedicated to me being as brutally honest with myself about my own triggers, behaviors and reactions, as well as learning better ways to relate to both of our children in an attempt to create more harmony in our home. And frankly, in order for me to also help our daughter find some peace in her own mind and body.

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