Sunday, December 2, 2012

Empathy, Conflict Resolution And More: A Review Of The Friendship Show

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
Anaïs Nin

The Mother Company's latest show is
all about friendship.
Around about the same time I began this blog, I came across a site called The Mother Company. Because my focus here is connected parenting, I was immediately intrigued by their aim to encourage social and emotional learning for parents of young children through articles, books, music and more.

Because I am also a parent who closely monitors and limits what my children view, I was so happy to find their show "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show". My children loved Ruby and all the beautiful video segments that helped give them words to express and understand their emotions. I was hooked!

I am thrilled to say that The Mother Company has done it again with their new show "Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show". As one's children grow older, their blossoming struggles with friendships take center stage both for parents and for the children themselves. Ruby beautifully helps children explore topics such as empathy, bullying, conflict resolution and the golden rule.
"Join lovable host, Ruby, as she welcomes kids into her magical art studio for a day of creativity, fun and friendship. With the help of adorable animated segments, art projects and inspired original music, Ruby guides children through an adventure of learning about empathy, conflict resolution, The Golden Rule, and other ways to make and nurture lasting friendships." ~ The Mother Company
Very cool stop-motion animation and a catchy song
about conflict resolution make up "Elise & Louise".
I watched a preview of this episode with my children this weekend and they were both enthralled. My daughter, who rarely gushes about movies or TV, kept whispering to herself as we watched "Oh! I love this!" and at the end wanted to watch it all over again. 

Both of my kids seemed particularly intrigued by the episode "One For All" which is about bullying and the golden rule. My daughter's personal favorite was Garden Theater – Casey Caterpillar Feels Left Out where the Garden Theater bugs learn important ways to become compassionate, considerate, and caring friends. And me? I really enjoyed it all, but I especially loved the simple art project Ruby does with the children where they create friendship trees which helped the children develop a deeper consideration of the friends in their lives. 

Don't miss a chance to meet Ruby and see
the show on December 16th!
Both of The Mother Company's Ruby's Studio episodes are beautifully shot and art directed. They're a joy to watch. I am especially grateful that they produced this second episode because now that my children have moved out of the protective bubble of preschool, I see how developing the skill of making and maintaining friendships is needed.

I highly recommend Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show even for children younger than mine. It's colorful, slow paced, and very, very charming. The show can be downloaded on to your computer or tablet now, by clicking here. And you can pre-order your DVD, available December 14th, by clicking here!

If you happen to be in Santa Monica, CA, The Mother Company will be holding a FREE premiere of their new show on Sunday December 16th at The Aero Theater where your children can get a chance to get their pictures taken with Ruby herself! Click on the flyer just above for all the details.

Full disclosure: I occasionally write for The Mother Company and was given a copy of Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show for possible review. I was, however, under no obligation to do so and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 
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