Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Ultimate Parenting Resource: Kids In The House

I am very excited to announce the launch of a new parenting website that I think is going to make a huge change in the parenting landscape. Kids In The House calls themselves "The Ultimate Parenting Resource" and you know what? I actually think they may be right. 

For the past three years the site's creator, Leana Greene, and her team (which I was honored to be a part of) has worked tirelessly to put together over 8000  1-minute videos of just about every expert you can think of, discussing just about every parenting topic you can imagine.

So many of my favorites have been interviewed for this site. Imagine having the chance (for FREE) to hear answers to questions from people such as:

Dr. Dan Siegel has written copiously
on one of my favorite topics:
brain research
  • Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, co-authors of "The Whole Brain Child"
  • Dr. Laura Markham, author of "Peaceful Parent, Happy Child" and the Aha! Parenting blog
  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld, psychologist, formost authority on child development and best-selling author
  • Dr. Ned Hallowell, psychologist, ADHD specialist and best-selling author of 18 books
  • Michael Gurian - best selling author of 26 books including "The Wonder of Boys" and "Boys and Girls Learn Differently!"
  • Janet Lansbury, author of the Elevating Childcare blog and specialist in the RIE parenting philosophy
  • Tom Hobson, preschool teacher and author of Teacher Tom's Blog 
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary, psychologist and author of The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children 
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary speaks and writes
    about mindful parenting in such an
    inspiring way. 
  • Two of my mentors, Dr. Pamela Varady and Dr. Joan Friedman, are on this site as well discussing their specialties: sibling relationships and parenting twins (respectively).
There are, literally, hundreds of other parents and experts that I could recommend you check out, and I am sure I will begin to share specific videos from time to time in the hopes of introducing you to other people you may not yet know. But there is nothing stopping you from going over to Kids In The House, setting up your profile and beginning the research yourself. 

Questions about raising biracial children? 
Co-parenting with an ex? 
Teens and body image? 
Parenting a special needs child? 
Safeguarding your children while they're online? 
This site has experts and answers to it all and more.

I was so honored to be have been asked to be interviewed and to have my videos on parenting twins featured on this site. Yeah, can you believe it? They actually called me in and interviewed me! But I must warn you of a few things before you click over to see my videos.

First, the videos were made almost 2 years ago and I was in the process of growing out my hair and it looks dreadful. It's unfortunately the first time I didn't have bangs in 40 years and it will certainly be my last. Also, the makeup artist decided I looked good in orange lipstick. On top of this, I was so incredibly nervous about being filmed that everything I know about parenting instantly went out of my head as soon as the camera started rolling, so I sound like I know next to nothing! But I did my best and regardless of all of my insecurities, I am thrilled to have been included on a site with so many of the experts I look up to and admire. Oh, and my false eyelashes look pretty awesome in my videos if I do say so myself! LOL!

This is one of my videos where I am discussing some of the challenges of bonding with newborn twins.

You can find all of my videos here

In addition to getting parenting questions answered, the site also allows members to message each other, create and share play lists, connect with like minded others in forums centered around specific videos and topics and so much more! I'd love to connect with you on Kids In The House. Just look up my profile and send a friend request. As you search the site, let me know whose videos you love and what topics you find interesting. I've seen hundreds of the videos, but there are so many I haven't had the chance to check out yet! 

I hope you enjoy Kids In The House as much as I do!
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