Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Sibling Rivalry Turns To Sibling Bullying

"Historically [sibling bullying] has been accepted as something that's 
normal, as something that's benign. Oftentimes it's just dismissed. 
Some people actually view it as a good thing, thinking it teaches 
kids how to fight and develop conflict resolution skills."
~ Corrina Jenkins Tucker
Sibling bullying can be as detrimental as peer bullying,
a new research study claims. (photo credit)
This Huffington Post article about sibling aggression started making the rounds Monday on the web. Over the years, much has been written about the ways siblings relate to each other. Usually it has to do with the type of squabbles that people refer to as "common" among siblings: jealousy, difficulty sharing, taking each other's possessions and the like. But this article references a recent study that took a look at how sibling aggression affected children's mental health.
"'This study is the first to unequivocally show that sibling aggression is connected to mental health problems among youth,'Swearer said. 'In order to effectively treat mental health problems in youth, parents and mental health providers must recognize and understand the role that sibling aggression plays.'"
The study, at times, references this behavior as "sibling bullying". Although bullying, as a whole, has been looked at in great detail, this aspect of it is an entirely new one for researchers to focus on. For those of us with more than one child, it may also feel like an entirely new thing to be concerned about. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Twin Source - An Interview With The Twin Coach

Family portrait...well, me and the kids at least.
There are very few twin-specific websites I actually like (which is part of the reason I initially started this blog). But one exception to that sentiment is the website The Twin Source:
"We are five mothers who are all very different, with one thing (well, technically two things) in common: We are mothers of twins. 
We have come together to share our personal and unique stories about twin parenthood. Each of our stories is very different. Some of us could have breast-fed forever (Lauren), while others struggled desperately for a few short weeks (Carrie). Some of us went back to our careers straight away (Ashley), while others stayed at home for a little while (Maritza). Some of us hired a nanny (Carrie), while others hosted an au pair (Mari).
We acknowledge and embrace our differences, but we also find commonality and support in the fact that we are each one-of-a-kind twin moms doing the best we can every day."
I have always found my local multiples club to be one of the best sources of advice and support - especially when my kids were really young. The parents there, for the most part, only have the fact that we're all parenting multiples in common. Yet there is an instant bond and sense of shared experience that makes them somehow feel like trusted friends. The Twin Source is a lot like that.

So, when one of the founders, Carrie Carroll, asked to interview me, how could I say no? 
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