Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birth Trauma May Be Subtle, But Addressing It Can Be Powerful

Our girl - two days old.
So much I didn't know back then.   
Without having given it all that much thought, when I heard the term "birth trauma" I had always assumed it always meant something such as when birth had to be induced prematurely because of an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck, or  where the baby struggled to get through the birth canal but then had to be pulled back up for a c-section. To me, I pictured birth trauma as...well...really traumatic. What I hadn't fully considered, until recently, is how traumatic birth can be for some babies, even without additional complications.  

Given that I was carrying twins, I would say that their birth was essentially uneventful except that our daughter was born an hour and 10 minutes after our son. Most people react to this with the realization that 1) I didn't have a c-section with twins and 2) that I had to wait an hour and 10 minutes to push out the second baby. There was nothing wrong, the doctor had said to us, the second baby just wasn't ready to move down yet. So we waited. I think I passed out because I don't really remember that hour. I have always told this story with the punchline being that once our son came out, our daughter realized how much room there was and didn't want to leave. "She was doing things in her own way, on her own schedule...just like always" I would say, laughing. 

But, maybe I had that wrong.

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