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I read a lot of blogs. Not as many as I wish I could because I just don't have the time. But these are the ones I go back to over and over. These are ones that have consistently good content and who I often quote from. 
  • Aha! Parenting written by Dr. Laura Markham, this blog is full of truly, terrific parenting advice. I never fail to glean wisdom on being a more empathic, connected and insightful parent from her articles. 
  • Beyond The Brochure a must read for anyone applying for private elementary schools in Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Emotionally Healthy Twins Blog Written by Dr. Joan Friedman (author of an excellent book of the same name). She doesn't write often, but when she does it's a must read for parents of twins. 
  • Real Child Development written by Leslie, a homeschooling mom of 4 boys, who (along with her husband) also works with at risk children in Costa Rica. This blog always has wonderful insight, observations and inspiration for parenting better.
  • Janet Lansbury - Elevating Childcare  Janet is a much sought-after teacher of RIE parenting. Her blog is incredibly insightful and full of profound wisdom about young children. 
  • Lisa Sunbury - Regarding Baby  Along with Janet Lansbury, Lisa has been one of my biggest inspirations in coming to understand how I want to parent my children. Lisa is also a teacher of the RIE parenting philosophy and her insight as a caregiver (as opposed to a parent) makes for wonderful reading.
  • Teacher Tom: I love this blog written by a Seattle preschool teacher. Tom's insight into the way children learn and play, as well as his views about our education system are always fascinating. 
  • The Mother Company: Full disclosure, I write occasionally for TMC. But even before that started, they were a favorite of mine. Their mission, helping parents raise good people, is so in line with what I try to do here on this blog, that their articles, products and overall philosophy is something I can truly get behind. Check them out, they do great stuff. 
Also, I would suggest checking out my Facebook page as I have a really big selection of wonderful parenting pages listed under my "likes". In addition to these, I also read a few blogs on blogging, but I figure you're here for parenting stuff! Let me know your thoughts if you check these blogs out (and let them know I sent you)! And I would love to know what blogs YOU love....

Thanks for reading,
The Twin Coach

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Lu Hanessian said...

I have spent some time on your blog and love it! Wonderful. I have taken a couple years of IPNB courses with Dan Siegel in his Interpersonal Neurobiology program through Mindsight. I just interviewed him and a few other brilliant minds for a webinar I just presented/moderated for PBS This Emotional Life. I am so excited that you loved his talk and met my friend Tina! To me, it's the most hopeful information any parent can ever receive, and I love to share it, find ways of collaborating to support parents. Please check out Parent2ParentU.coma and join my Facebook page. I love your voice. Let's connect sometime. I will be promoting your blog to my readers and on my wall on FB.

The Twin Coach said...

Lu, thank you so much for visiting. I am quite jealous that you have spent so much time with Dan Siegel. :) He really is pretty amazing. And I thought Tina was great! I am very excited for their book to be released. More importantly....I LOVE your site. It is so up my alley. I will check it out further & will find you on FB as well. Thank you for your kid words about my blog, I appreciate the support!

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