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I read a ton. At any given time I probably am reading 2 or 3 books at once. Since I got pregnant, I haven't read much that wasn't a book on parenting and I know there are a lot of them out there. This is a list of my very favorites; ones that I refer back to time and again, and often quote from. 
I am still reading more and will probably update this list from time to time. I'd love to know your comments about these books or others you love and recommend.

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach

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Anonymous said...

A few more great books:

How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk (Faber & Mazlish)
Attachment Focused Parenting (Daniel Hughes)

The Twin Coach said...

Thanks so much for the book recommendations! I have heard for the first (although I haven't read it yet) and will definitely check out the second!

Megan said...

I found "Emotionally Healthy Twins" very helpful as a new parent of twins. I read it before giving birth, and it helped change my perspective.

The Twin Coach said...

Thanks for your note, Megan! That book is one of the best books on raising twins, in my opinion. I didn't find it until my kids were older, but it has definitely helped shape how I parent them. I have a few posts on my site about Dr. Friedman, including a long interview I did with her here:


Sandra said...

Dear Gina, here are some recommendations from Europe/Vienna: I highly recommend all books by the Danish therapsit Jesper Juul - I think there is only one in English, though, "My competent child" (if you are interested in his core values - please feel free to get in touch with me; he´s also the founder of familylab international)
Naomi Aldort: Raising our children, raising ourselves an David Code: To raise happy kids put your marriage first. Warmly, Sandra

The Twin Coach said...

Thank you so much for your suggestions, Sandra! I will look into to those - I haven't heard of them yet!

Nidhi Damani said...

Dear Gina, I never felt a need to read a book on parenting so far, My daughter is 21 months young now. Plz recommend which book out of your exhaustive list will help me make a good start for referring to her age and help that i may need in the coming days as mom. Waiting to hear from u.

Gina Osher said...

Hi Nidhi, I think I was just like you and didn't really read much about parenting when mine were very little (except how to get them to sleep)! :) By the time mine were about 18 months, though, I was definitely needing more help so...I turned where I always do. Books & research. :)

Anyway, I am assuming that there aren't any particular concerns you have since you didn't mention them (but please correct me if I am wrong). I would say that The Whole Brain Child is an excellent "basic" book as it gives you a very good sense of how your child's brain is developing & how you should think & approach her in terms of helping her to learn (not academically - just learn as a person to develop life skills). NurtureShock is another excellent book along similar lines.

I have heard many people recommend "Dear Parent" by Magda Gerber (the founder of the RIE philosophy) if that is a parenting style you gravitate toward. I haven't yet read it, but I love RIE ( is a great site to check out if you want to learn more about what it is)

I also very much like Becoming The Parent You Want to Be or Parenting From The Inside Out if you struggle at all with your own temper, childhood memories that get in the way, lack of connection to parenting etc. If you struggle at all with discipline, The Whole Brain Child is a great place to start, as is the Positive Disciple series of books or Dr. Laura Markham's new book Peaceful Parents, Happy Child (which is also a great, all-around book).

Last, I would suggest the books by Ames & Ilg for understanding the basics of child development. There's one for each year & it helps to give you a sense of what is ahead for your as your daughter grows.

It's so difficult for me to recommend just one as they all have different areas of focus and each has something wonderful to offer depending on your situation. I hope this is helpful, but if you want to narrow it down further, just let me know. :)
- Gina (The Twin Coach)

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