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One of the reasons I started this blog is to pass on all of the things I have learned that I wish I knew when my kids were born. As you can probably tell, I like to research and collect information. I also tend to be rather picky about products and people I recommend and always have some personal experience with whatever I suggest. This resource list is a compilation of people, products and websites that I think are terrific and of great use to any parent.

Los Angeles/Southern California Resources
I live in LA, so there are definitely some local people, places and things I love!
  • Beyond The Brochure - L.A. Private School Information
  • Carol Braun - L.A. post partum and labor doula (tons of twin experience)
  • Clean Bee Baby Stroller Cleaning Service (will come to your home - L.A. based)
  • Echo Parenting - Amazing program that teaches parents and caregivers about respect, empathy and a new way of seeing children.
  • Jen's List So Cal based information newsletter including excellent nanny leads
  • Julie Skehan L.A. Labor and post partum doula (tons of twin experience)
  • Kids' Furniture Similar to Pottery Barn, without the price. Their website is nothing to write home about, but it's worth a trip to Glendale to haggle and pick from their catalogue (SoCal based). We had issues with delivery, but the product was great when we finally got it.
  • LA Moms Dig - great site where moms recommend things to other moms. Like having a huge group of best friends who can give advice on everything from where to have your child's birthday party to what great preschools are in your neighborhood. 
  • The Berlin Wellness Group - Los Angeles wellness center specializing in prenatal and postpartum care
  • The School Boards - NY, San Francisco, LA chat boards about all things related to the search for schools

This is my list, I'd love to know what you'd add. Especially if you're not in Los Angeles...what are some of your best parenting resources and what do you think of mine?

Thanks for reading!
The Twin Coach
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