Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier – A Great Addition To My Organic Garden!

tree-barrier-2I was first introduced to Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier about 10 years ago, when I had a serious ant problem on my lemon tree. It seemed that no matter what I tried, the ants just kept crawling towards the newly budding fruit. I was doing my best to maintain an organic garden, but the ant problem was getting to a point where I started considering toxic chemical sprays and insect killers. This was all out war, and the ants were winning – I had to do something!

Then I tried Tree Tanglefoot. After applying the sticky goop all along the trunk of the lemon tree, the ant problem stopped almost immediately. I was amazed.

According to the Tanglefoot website, this product also works for much more than just ant control. It creates a barrier for the following common pests: ants, cankerworms, gypsy moth caterpillars, army and tent caterpillars, obscure root weevils, pecan weevils, tussock moths, and climbing cutworms. A wide variety of insects that all have one thing in common – they must climb to the tops of the trees to mate, lay eggs, or feed (yes, even the winged insects on the list must climb during the mating and egg laying life cycle, according to the Tree Tanglefoot website).


  • effective
  • environmentally friendly (no harsh chemicals are sprayed in an attempt to kill the pests)
  • chemical-free, all natural ingredients (according to theirwebsite)
  • does not affect fruit production or harvest
  • reasonably priced


  • VERY sticky, to the point of it being a bit of a nuisance to apply (and wash off of skin)
  • can be a difficult product to find in some areas of the country

Here’s how it works:


The Tree Tanglefoot creates a thick, sticky, waterproof barrier that traps some of the insects while forcing the remaining pests off of your tree. Essentially, the pests will begin to crawl up the trunk, realize that a sticky wall awaits them, and will hunt for another target for their egg laying or feeding needs. The waterproof aspect of this product is especially appreciated, because it prevents the nuisance of frequent reapplication after rain or watering.

One word of warning, though, is to make sure that it stays undisturbed. The last thing you need is to finish applying the product only to have a rogue branch act as a bridge across the sticky goop. I had this happen once, and was surprised at just how quickly the ants managed to find a detour to my lemons. So be careful when applying, and make sure the area around the tree trunk is clear.

If you are having problems with creepy crawly insects, especially on fruit trees, give Tree Tanglefoot a shot – I am sure you will not be disappointed! But of course, if worst comes to worst, just hire a professional like this site to cut down the tree and simply make a beautiful stump out of it.