10 Great Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

In the age of technology, gadgets have now replaced many of the usual tools people have to perform different tasks. There have also been many gadgets invented to make life easier for most. Many of these were developed for health purposes and can possibly save lives in the long run. Here are 10 great gadgets that can help people improve their health.


This is a clip-on device that serves as a portable hand sanitizer. According to the CDC, incorrect hand washing is one of the main sources of diseases. Many people do not have readily access to sinks and soaps, but this gadget acts more than just a squeezable sanitizer. It actually records the times when it’s been used, so users can download their personal hand washing data and work on it as needed.


We’re all gaga about the safety on our drinking water, asking if does reverse osmosis remove bacteria, or UV purification works. This gadget, however, turns contaminated water into safe, drinkable water and are especially useful for travelers, hikers, or anybody who does not have easy access to clean water. This also includes populations coming from remote and poor communities. Having clean water to drink is a privilege, and this gadget makes drinking water easier to come by.

Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable device that acts as a posture coach. Posture is something that many people don’t pay attention to. It is worn around the collarbone and gently sends a vibration signal each time the user slouches. It reminds the user to sit and stand properly, which is important in bone health especially as people age.

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are all the rage these days and for good reason as well. There are many types of fitness bands in the market, and each one has different capabilities. There are fitness bands that can monitor resting or active heart rates or other ones that track distances or calories burned while working out.

Smart Pill Bottle

This is just the gadget made specifically for those who are taking pills regularly and those who tend to forget when to take them. The smart pill bottle tracks when it has been opened or closed and how many pills had been removed. This information is then automatically sent to health care professionals to be monitored. This gadget is definitely both smart and convenient.


Even forks can have technology. HapiFork is a gadget that reminds and teaches people how to eat slower. Everyone knows what the benefits of eating slower are. It helps with weight gain, digestive issues, and many others. The gadget lights up and sends vibration anytime the user is eating too fast. It even measures and record the user’s data.

Dog Vest

Dog vests are especially important for those who travel with their therapeutic companions everywhere. This lets people know that the dogs are working when they are wearing their vests. In the case of an emergency and a dog is spotted with a vest, it alerts people that the owner might need extra care and attention because of a sickness or disorder.

Germicidal Air Sanitizer

Users can minimize the risk of getting sick with the use of a germicidal air sanitizer. This is a great update from the usual sanitizing spray, as this technology uses an ionizer and a germicidal UV lamp to remove harmful allergens in the air. There is nothing like breathing fresh and disease-free air, after all.

Sanitizing Wand

A UV light wand kills germs in the most used items and spaces in just 30 seconds. Regularly used items such as computer keyboards, doorknobs, or other electronic devices typically gather up a lot of bacteria innocently. The UV sanitizing wand is an easy to use, portable device that can kill bacteria with no problems.

Sleep Tracking Devices

Sleep is just as important as any other body function. Everyone needs sleep to stay healthy, and many people either don’t sleep enough or are just unable to. Sleep tracking devices help people develop better sleeping habits by measuring the user’s light and deep sleep and making suggestions on how to improve on it.


These gadgets are great for anyone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle easier to keep up. These, along with many other gadgets, were developed to improve health and life in general. With these gadgets, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only be simpler but will be enjoyable as well.

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