Most Common Security Practices At Home You Should Know

Did you know that in 2015, there were an estimated 1,579,527 burglaries in US alone which constituted an increase of 2% from the previous year? Most of us feel comfortable that nothing is going to happen in our house till the time an incident happens. It only has to happen once to make us devastated and mentally disturbed for a very long time. So to make sure you and your family are secure from any thefts or accidents within your house you should have a proactive approach towards implementing and teaching your family about most common security practices at home that can be easily and effectively implemented and used.

The most common security practices at home are sometimes the safest bet to protect you and your family from unwanted visitors. For sure, you don’t want any of your family members be in danger just because you do not implement such practices.

Ensure that you have an alarm installed.

This sometimes may not be efficient enough for a seasoned robber but you can at least have the mental peace that the help will come quickly. Having an alarm warning displayed on the house can also be a good deterrent for many thieves.

Light it up.

Make sure your porch, garden, front and back entrance are well lit. If you are not at home, make sure to leave certain lights on to give it a feel that somebody is still there. To conserve electricity use a timer to periodically switch certain lights, television, radio sets within the house or use motion detectors outside to switch on the light when there is some movement.

Sturdy as it goes!

Believe it or not, even with state-of-the-art and sophisticated security systems, expensive lightning and even complicated locks, your best line of defense against an unwanted intruder is a good sturdy bolt lock and door, which the intruder cannot forcefully pry open or kick in! Just make sure you have the keys separately given to your family members in order not to get lock out by your own home and go through the hassle of calling up key smiths (although they can be available 24/7).

Check all entrance points.

This includes all open points in your home; from kitchen door to windows, from patio doors to garages to even easily accessible tree house near bedroom windows. Confirm that all access points are secured, locked properly and so that it will be unaccessible to intruders.

Be creative.

Remember the movie Home Alone? Although we don’t recommend setting holed wooden floors or smashed bulbs in the window or tumbling toolkits. If there is a part in your house that is made of wood (especially a door or a window in your garage), beef it up by putting a secondary lock using sturdy wood planks. Get one of the best orbital sanders on the market, paint and polish it up, so it will still look like a decorative door or window. No need to heat up a door knob or place a staple gun.

Teach the children.

Teach your kids to differentiate between welcomed guests and unwanted visitors. Make the eye hole easily accessible to them at their level. They should learn not to give too much information over the phone call and never to talk to strangers.

Keep emergency numbers accessible.

Have all the emergency numbers and references easily accessible and within your reach.

Aside from keeping your home safe from any accidents, the above points are also great security practices that you can implement in your house to protect your family from an undesirable consequences.

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  1. This is really great article about security practice as nowadays people are not safe specially women. This article has helps me to know about some common factor which we can do during any problem. So thanks for sharing such a awesome article visitors will be really helpful after reading this article.

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