About Me

One Part Friend Who’s Been Through It All

gina osherI sometimes joke that I can probably offer advice on just about everything as I have been through divorce, infertility, leaving a career to become a SAHM, the hiring and firing of 11 nannies, extreme anxiety (mine), a heart attack (my husband’s), raising boy/girl twins, the hunt for a great preschool (and then private elementary school) in ultra competitive Los Angeles and the list goes on and on.

But, having lived through all of this means that when you’re reading my blog you’re finding someone you can relate to.

“Gina, it’s so wonderful to have a guide like you with kids a few years older than mine, so I can be prepared when I get to the same spots. They’re going to think “Gina” is an encyclopedia or something!”
~ Steven B. (dad of boy/girl twins)

“What a beautifully written blog. It’s often so hard to put into words why being a mommy is both so exhausting and so rewarding; thank you for doing it for me!”
~ Megan (mom of two)

One Part Mom Of Twins Trying To figure it All Out.

Although I originally started this blog as a place to share all of my advice to other parents of twins (this, the title of the blog), I quickly realized that much of what I was writing about was resonating with parents who didn’t have multiples. What I tell people now is that I simply write about parenting from the perspective of a mom of twins. I don’t have all the answers, but I write about learning to understand my own behavior and triggers so that I continue to become a more mindful, connected and joyful parent.

I’m really good at empathizing and connecting with my kids. I’m less good at controlling my stress and anxiety. I’m occasionally neurotic and rigid. I’m always sensitive to how my behavior affects others. I love my family with all my heart and sometimes fall apart when I don’t feel I am being the best mother I can be.

“Put down all of your how-to parenting books and keep Gina Osher’s article, ‘Motherhood: Otherwise Known As Therapy’ by your nightstand — you will need it. Through personal anecdotes Gina bravely shares with us the triggers that may prevent a parent from being the best parent they can be. Absolute genius!
~ Dr. Pamela Varady, Family Psychologist (and mom of boy/boy twins)

“Just when I thought your posts couldn’t get any better, you blog about Emotional Intelligence! I may only have two singletons, but I find your blog very useful and look forward to your insightful, thoughtful and intelligent posts! Gina, keep ’em coming!”
~ Mia (mom of two boys)

One Part Mentor Willing To Share

My name is Gina Osher. I am the daughter of hippies and a former holistic healer turned parenting coach and SAHM to 5-year old boy/girl twins. My background and interest in things like mindfulness, RIE parenting, neuroscience and reflective listening not only guide my parenting, but also shape this blog so you will find posts here about things like:

My goal is to make parenting a less stressful and more joyful experience. By dissecting my own struggles with this I hope to help other parents reach the same goal. I love your feedback and comments, so please let me know your thoughts. I hope you will also join the group of wonderful people who share and post on my Facebook and Twitter pages. After all, we all have wisdom to share…I look forward to hearing yours!

“Once again, another inspirational and insightful post. You are amazing”
~ Sharon (mom of boy/girl twins)

“Yours is an accurate, objective, well written, well organized, information packed, BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC blog, Gina. Congratulations.”
~ Betsy Brown Braun, M.A. Child Development and Behavior Specialist, bestselling author (and mom of triplets)