Best Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas

With so many Las Vegas hotel accommodations, restaurants, shows, activities, and gambling opportunities available to tourists, visiting Sin City can be quite overwhelming, even for people who’ve been there before. There is literally so much to do and see in Las Vegas that it is impossible to take it all in in just one trip, unless your trip is several months long. Las Vegas has something for everyone; even Las Vegas hotels are themed to meet the needs and desires of the many guests that come through their doors looking for a good time and a dream. If you’re heading to Las Vegas to feast your eyes and your wallet upon all the best that this city of lights has to offer, here are a few tips that can help you have the most fun with the least stress possible.

  • Do not bring a vehicle. Driving a vehicle in Las Vegas is more stress than it is worth. The streets are far too busy and it will take far longer to get where you are headed on the strip by car than it will take on foot. Bring comfortable walking shoes instead.
  • If you are heading to Las Vegas to gamble and to eat excellent food, but not to see shows, then you can get cheaper airfare and hotel rates in January. This can make a trip to Las Vegas more comfortable and more affordable. The same is also true immediately following major holidays.
  • Visit Las Vegas in the middle of the week. If you are visiting Las Vegas from outside the United States, you can avoid the crowds of locals and those who live in nearby states and cities by heading into the city on a Tuesday and leaving by Friday morning. This will also make your stay more affordable.
  • Buffets are the most expensive eating option in Las Vegas. There are many affordable restaurants and fast food chains that make more affordable options if you are on a strict budget.
  • Before you book shows and other entertainment talk to the maître de at your hotel. Often hotels offer discounts to guests for shows and entertainment in their own hotels and may also have discounts for neighbouring and sister hotels as well.
  • For a high class experience, stay on the strip, closer to the middle or down at the far end, typically from New York New York to the Luxor. For a lower cost trip, stay at the other end of the strip at the Circus Circus or other older hotels.
  • Don’t forget that not everything in Las Vegas costs an arm and a leg. There are literally hundreds of low cost and free entertainment options in Las Vegas, like the nightly water and lights show at the Bellagio, the exhibits at the MGM Grand, and the Pirate show at Treasure Island. Check the hotel web sites for show times before you arrive.

Remember, the best experiences in Las Vegas come from planning ahead and being flexible.

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