The test is more reliable as you can get sensitive information about drug use by such a person.

Blood test

The aim of this test is to find out whether they can discover any THC traces in the bloodstream. The test is also reliable because it can give an accurate result. This test cannot be done by anybody. In most instances, those in the medical profession have to administer the test. They must first take a blood sample.

Saliva test

The saliva test is another method. It is common for employers of labor in order for this kind of test before they employ anybody. It is not expensive to administer because it is more convenient to do.

How to pass these drug tests

You have now seen the various kinds of tests that you can be subjected to. Your concern now should be how to pass these rigorous tests. Depending on the reason you are ordered to do the test, most employers do not demand that you become one hundred percent free of THC, rather they demand that there should be a certain percentage of reduction of that substance in you.

How to pass 24 hours drug test

Passing 24 hours testing is not easy. It is difficult for most persons, but that does not mean that it is not possible. There are different ways of improving your chances of passing that test. Here are certain tips that can help you to pass the test.

Since a test will be conducted within twenty-four hours. There is no need to take large quantities of water. It is a practice for many people to take water nonstop. This is not advisable. If you are able to take about 2 to 3 liters of water daily before the test day, it is very important. On the test day, it is recommended that you take 1 to 2 liters of water before the test.

In the same way, do not engage in exercises on the test day. 24 hours of the test, there should be no rigorous exercises. If you do that, it could endanger the situation as it can spike the THC level in you.

Your concern should be how to get a negative result. You can do that by increasing the vitamin Bs in the system such as B12, B2, as well as vitamin B complex and so on. It is allowed to take at least 50 to 100mg of these vitamins.

If the testing is under your control, scheduled to start in the afternoon. Ensure that you do not use your first urine for the day.