IPad 5…Apple Announced The Release Date!!

IPad 5

After the success of I pad 4 Apple inc. has announced the release of apple iPad 5. There are lots of rumors about the release date of iPad 5 but the company has defined that it will not come for sale until October 2013. I pad 5 will be more advance and as always it will be lighter and slimmer than the old version. Apple inc. always produced a slimmer version then the old version.

I pad 5 has 9.7 inches screen. I pad 5 has quite similar design of iPad mini. It will be available in two major colors, black and white. As it is slimmer then I pad 4 so, this is about 7 mm thick which weighs around 500 gm. There are few rumors about another color line. It is possible that iPad 5 will also be available in Gold and grey color. I think gold will be much more fascinating lots of women will go for the new color range. I wish someday apple introduce pink color I pad too. I would love that tablet no matter what. Click here https://www.crioceras.com/ to read in-depth articles about the latest devices, software, and gadgets.

Apart from color the processor will be faster. It will give more storage space. Along with this the camera is also upgraded. I pad 5 have rear camera with 8 megapixels. At the time of launch the starting price could be around four hundred pounds in United Kingdom. I pad 5 has more easy touch. It will support multi touch. I pad 5 will be an efficient device. IPad 5 is already a success. Lots of people are talking about it. Many users are thinking to buy it at the first place. IPad 5 launch will be the happier moment of many apple fans. Like every product of apple iPad 5 will achieve major market share.

Apple cannot neglect the success of Microsoft surface too. These tablets are designed for business men and students who want to have office in there tablets. It has also gained 9.7 market shares. This makes it a current competitor of apple. Those people who want a tablet experience will always go for apple. Because Apple is a true tablet;. I pad five is not for single person. It will support multi users. It will have millions of new apps in the app store. Nobody can deny the success the iPad 4. The expectations are very high from iPad 5. Users are waiting for the launch and the company is trying their best to make it attractive for the major segment of the world to buy it.

Samsung note 12.2 and iPad 5 are already being compared. Both companies are launching their latest products in this year. I think 2013 is the year of all major launches. Technology has its well known development in just 2013. As I mentioned Samsung is offering a 12.2 inch tablet and Apple is giving approximately 10 inch display. Samsung has launched android 4.3 version and iPad 5 have IOS 7.

The results will arise. Apple has its own market share but Samsung is not behind. I think it is tough competition between them.

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