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10 Great Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

In the age of technology, gadgets have now replaced many of the usual tools people have to perform different tasks. There have also been many gadgets invented to make life easier for most. Many of these were developed for health purposes and can possibly save lives in the long run. Here are 10 great gadgets…


Two Thousand Kisses a Day: A Review

Before I became a parent I will admit I knew less than nothing about parenting. I had no “philosophy” about how I would parent other than some vague notion that I would, of course, love my children and teach them “everything I knew”. Under the best circumstances, this really could be enough. But for most…


Help For Hitting And Aggressive Behavior

Among the handful of blogs and websites I turn to over and over to find advice and support, is Hand in Hand Parenting. Patty Wipfler, who founded this organization more than 20 years ago, has been teaching and supporting parents since the early 70’s. From sibling rivalry to agressive behavior to common childhood issues like…