The Best 3D Computer Graphics Software

3D Computer Graphics Software

There are various 3D animation software solutions available in the market, and sometimes it becomes a tough task to choose one of them that fulfils all your requirements and is better than the others. In this article we are going to discuss one of those many software products that, according to our experience of 15 years in this market, is the best one out there.

We are going to discuss MAYA in this article. Maya is a name that you can`t afford to miss out if you want to succeed as a 3D animator or an animation agency. Maya is not doubt one of the best 3D and Render Farm software that offers extensive features and cutting edge technology.

The name “MAYA” was derived from a Sanskrit word, which meant “Illusion”, MAYA, no doubt lives up to its name and provides unbelievable effects that impress both the end-users and the artists themselves.

In order to get into the world of MAYA, you have to first understand what this software is all about and who should be using it. MAYA is basically an integrated package that offers 3D animations and rendering features to the Animation professionals. It was initially developed by Alias. There are two versions of MAYA available in the market:

1- Maya Complete

2- Maya Unlimited

MAYA unlimited is (as the name suggests) the most complete version with immense number of features and integrity. Most of the popular animated films of recent times were created using MAYA, e.g. Jurassic park, Judgment Day and Terminator 2 had their frames created using MAYA. Initially Alias merged with Wave Front TDI to generate even better animation solution. Both of them combined their skills and strengths to form an amazing piece of application, i.e. MAYA. In 2005-2006 Alias got acquired by one of the most popular names in Web World, Autodesk, and this transition made this software to be renamed as Autodesk MAYA.

MAYA is not only known for its flexible and feature rich modeler and character formation or animation, but it is a key player in Video Game development industry as well. Its render farm and node-based architecture helps creating massive animations with complex characters and rendering.

Due to the huge number of features and complex dependencies, it is perhaps a little tougher to learn MAYA for absolute beginners, but once the artist gets the hold of the software, it becomes a piece of cake to create amazing animations. Learning MAYA becomes very easy because of the immense support available online for this product and experts from around the globe are more than willing to help the beginners getting their feet wet in this amazing field. There are thousands of MAYA tutorials in the market that newbie can use for self-study as well.

One another feature of MAYA that makes it the perfect choice for many creative agencies is its ability to adapt to third-party software, and working in the garb of other 3D animation software. Also, its ability to work in an environment where customized code is required for production makes it perfect for companies creating high-end visual and animated effects.

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