Winning Accident Compensation: The Facts

Winning Accident

If you want to make a personal injury claim because you have been injured in an accident that was not you fault, there are some facts you should know before you start.

You need to fit the criteria

The rules for making a personal injury claim are:

·         The accident should have been the fault of someone else

·         You should have sustained injures to your body or mind

·         The injuries must have warranted medical attention

·         The accident must have happened within the last three years

There are exceptions to the 3 years rule, if the victim was a minor at the time, or you have an industrial illness, but when you are claiming accident compensation the lawyers will explain these to you if necessary.

You need to gather your evidence

To make a claim there is some information to prove your case that will be needed:

·         Where, when and how the accident happened

·         Who you blame for the accident

·         Details of any witnesses

·         A medical report on your injuries and prospects for your recovery

·         If the police or HSE were involved, a copy of the report they would have compiled

·         If you were able to take photos of the scene, they could be useful

·         Any other information you have that you think might strengthen your claim

Contact a reputable claim management company

Contacting a reputable claim management company should be your next step, and you should do this as soon after your accident as possible. The claims made soon after the accidents are more successful than those left until later.

Visit MyCaseSource to learn why contacting a reputable claim management company immediately after an accident is critical for successful claims.

You can contact UK Claim Lawyers by phone, via their website or by email to find out about your claim.  The 30-second test on their website will let you know if your claim is valid and will give you an estimate of the amount you might be awarded.  Calling them or emailing them will have the same effect when an expert claims advisors contact you to discuss your predicament in more detail.

Their advisors are highly trained to provide you with all the information you need to decide if your want to pursue your compensation.  They will support you all the way through the claim if you decide to go ahead, but if you are unsure, they will not pressurise you and you will be under no obligation to carry on.

Their lawyers are experienced specialists who will know exactly how to handle you personal injury claim.  It is all they have done for the last 10 years and have gained the knowledge to hone the processes and make your claim simple, quick and efficient.

On top of giving you the best service around, they will not want any money to start the work on your claim because they operate under the no win no fee agreement.  This means they will also not want any money should your claim be lost. Most personal injury compensation claims are financed in this way.