Funding Facts for Students Looking to Study in the UK

Study in the UK

Getting to grips with fees and funding is difficult for any student, especially if you are planning to study in a country other than your own. But worry no more, educational resource Getting-In are on hand to help all international students know where they stand when it comes to getting the support they need to fund their studies in the UK.

Scholarships for UK Study

One way of funding your study as an international student is getting a scholarship at a UK-based college or university. Students from countries inside and outside the European Union are eligible for scholarships and many bodies provide scholarship opportunities especially for international students who wish to study in the UK. Visit Education UK’s website, which is run by the British Council, for more information on the scholarship programmes available for undergraduate and postgraduate international students.

However, do bear in mind that scholarships are limited and extremely competitive. It may be worth contacting the institution you are looking to study at and enquiring about whether they have any financial support such as scholarships and bursaries for international students.

How to Get Student Support

In the UK, student support entails a loan to cover tuition fees, a loan to cover living costs, supplementary grants and a maintenance grant (which is not repayable). International students are eligible for student support or finance to fund their studies whilst in the country. However, the level of support you are eligible for as an individual varies from authority to authority.

If you are applying in England, student support is only available if you are studying on a designated course such as an undergraduate degree, teacher training course or Higher National Diploma (HND). Students must approach Student Finance England to see whether they are eligible for student support. If you are eligible, the amount of student support you receive depends on certain criteria, such as your income, your family’s income and when you plan to start the course etc.

Other Funding Myths

Many international students think that welfare benefits can be claimed and used to fund study. However, under immigration conditions, international students are not eligible to claim welfare benefits or tax credits. There are limited provisions available for up to six weeks should the finances funding your study from abroad get temporarily disrupted, however, funding is only given in urgent and exceptional cases.

Changing countries to study is a daunting experience but it is important to know that there is financial and emotional support available in the UK to help you make the transition as an international student. University open days are an excellent way to find out more about institution-specific student support available at the college or university you are looking to study at.

Getting-in is another great educational resource that gives you the guidance you need to take that step into international study with confidence.