How To Package Parcels

Package Parcels

One of the worst feelings you can have is opening a long-awaited parcel or package, and finding its contents smashed and broken! Many people believe that if they simply put “fragile” on the outside of the box that the contents will be safe but many couriers simply don’t have time to go over each box finding the fragile stamp, it even could be too small or hard to see to be noticed during transit. It’s up to you to guarantee the safety and security of your package while it is being delivered. It’s time to invest in some bubble wrap, packing tape and a good sturdy box.

  • Take note of the quality of your item before you start the packaging process. For instance if it’s a shirt make sure no buttons are missing and it has no holes. If it’s electronic make sure it is fully functioning and all in one piece. Consider taking photos as a security measure and avoid any angry recipients.
  • Take an appropriately sized box for your object and start insulating the bottom. The best thing to use is packing peanuts but if you don’t happen to have any around an easy and cheap alternative is scrunched up balls of newspaper, making sure to cover the bottom of the box entirely.
  • For the next step you will need a lot of bubble wrap to ensure that any fragile objects are well protected. Each object should be completely covered with bubble wrap, do not wrap different objects together under the one piece of bubble wrap as they will just hit off one another and break. If you have any left over, consider lining the inside of the box with bubble wrap as well , better to be safe than sorry!
  • Place your item in and give the box a small shake, if there is a lot of movement stick some more newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts in the gaps. If all seems secure, tape up your box with some strong packing tape. Don’t forget to add any paperwork that comes with the package before it’s all taped up! If you want to be extra certain that your parcel will be taken care of, write “fragile” in large, noticeable writing all over the box. That way the courier or mailman will definitely notice and tape precaution, and if they don’t at least it wasn’t a result of your actions.
  • Do some research beforehand and check out which way would be the best for your package delivery. Some courier services may not go overseas or may charge a fortune if they do. Others might not insure your package or may have a history of damaging goods or packaging during transit. You want to ensure that you have taken all measures to protect your package until it reaches its destination. Once you’re sure the package has been received it never hurts to get in contact with the recipient of the package and make sure they’re happy with the results!

Amy has often received parcels where the packaging has been damaged. Amy knows how unprofessional it is for customers to receive broken products due to bad transportstion therefore she uses packaging products sourced from the specialists at UK Packaging.

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