Simple Tricks that Will Help You Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Since the dawn of time, women would arrive on the planet, enjoy a few years of awesome living and then start a massive fight: with food. Ladies, don’t say it’s not true. After this horrible fight, our lives would never be the same because we would never look at food as anything else as the great temptation and the devious enemy ever again. As ridiculous as it may seem, it is the God’s honest truth, and the sad part is that we spend most of our adult lives searching for the one diet that can save us. But instead of one diet, why not try small adjustments that can make all the difference when it comes to losing and maintaining weight? Here are a few tips that will help you improve your wellbeing and hopefully loose weight in the process:

  • For instance, portion control. I know it’s been repeated over and over again and we’re more than fed up with it, but the truth is that we do eat less when we eat of smaller plates. Combining small portions with healthy meal planning (which means eating small portions every two hours) will keep your sugar levels constant and prevent hunger attacks.
  • Other tricks include substituting milk and sugar for natural sweeteners such as fructose or agave syrup. Processed foods are generally an extremely bad idea because they are mostly refined sugars or refined fats and the number 1 thing you want to avoid is a blood sugar spike. Always consider the non-processed option whenever possible.
  • A water bottle should never be missing from your hand because being dehydrated will trigger cravings. Furthermore, a somewhat unorthodox solution I found worked for some was that whenever they got cravings, they simply vaped the e-liquid flavor that they wanted. If you want cheesecake, cappuccinos, chocolate or whatever else your mind can come up with, you can simply take your trusty E-cig out of the purse and enjoy some “you-time” –without worrying about the calories. With so many delicious flavors, like the ones provided by the blu e cig, you will never have to worry about your weight ever again. You get the wonderful taste of whatever it is you are craving, without the calories, sugar or fat of the actual product. Not to mention that the liquid is non-carcinogenic and fire hazard risk-free. To find out more advice on how to consume less processed food visit this website:
  • Fruits and vegetables should be the crown and glory of any breakfast, lunch and dinner, fresh and raw, in unprocessed form as often as possible. What could be tastier and healthier than a breakfast made up of mangos? Steamed vegetables or boiled legumes should be your number 2 pick and always on your plate wherever there are French fries in proximity.
  • According to studies, a well-placed “later” is always better than a firm “no”. Researchers had 3 test groups, the first was allowed to maintain their normal eating patterns, the second group had a fixed diet and were instructed to follow it by the letter, and the third group had guidelines they had to follow with the sole exception that whenever they were faced with temptation or cravings, they would postpone consuming the respective food item for 2-4 hours. The study showed that subjects that had postponed eating certain foods did not feel the craving after the time had passed, and registered a significantly higher weight loss percent than the 2 other test groups.Learn more about various weight loss methods, on this website: