What is Included in a Body Donation Program?

Body Donation Program

If you are thinking about donating your body to science you will want to research what an actual body donation program consists of. For most people the idea of donating their body to science is a vague one at best, but if you want it to become a reality you have to think about researching the actual program. Most programs have a set course, and this is easy enough to discover if you do some light research. The following is a brief overview of what you can expect from a reputable body donation program.


The very first thing that you need to do if you are thinking about body donation is register for a program. This is very important because there are many less complications if you sign up ahead of time instead of leaving your family to sort through the process. It is best if the body is picked up promptly following death for various research reasons, so expedite the process by completing the registration forms and clearly stating that you want your body to be donated to an agency. It takes only a few minutes and can be done at any point while you are still alive.

Screening Process

As part of the registration you will need to fill out a screening form. In some cases a body donation center might also ask that you release your medical records to them so that they can verify your condition of health. There are certain medical conditions and infectious diseases that disqualify you to be a candidate for body donation. In addition, severe obesity will in many times disqualify a candidate. Most people will be approved however so if you are thinking about body donation do not let the screening process scare you away.

Free Cremation

One common concern for many people when planning their funeral service is the high cost of cremation. As cremation becomes more popular than burial the prices are also increasing because funeral home managers are realizing that there is a large market for this service. However, if you choose to donate your body to science then your cremation will actually be free. Once the body is used for research and the agency is done with it they will cremate the remains and send them back to your family. This makes the cost of a funeral much less expensive for your remaining family members.

Legacy for your Family

In the same way that you may get comfort before death knowing that you were able to contribute something to the world, your family will likely be comforted by the fact that you were able to help in some way. Death is very hard to process, but by offering your family something positive in the light of death they might be able to come to peace with your passing. In addition, since they will not have to take care of any burial arrangements this should help take a huge burden off of their shoulders.

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