Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Long Goodbye

~ A. A. Milne
I admit that this post is way overdue. 

Perhaps, that's because every time I sat down to write it there was a part of me that couldn't quite say what had to be said. 

My children had just turned three when I began this blog - the original intention being that it would simply be a placeholder for all the information I'd collected over time so I could just point a struggling parent who reached out to me to the appropriate page, instead of writing and rewriting the same information into emails endlessly. 

Somehow, it turned into so much more. I got to connect with thousands (thousands!) of parents who were on a similar path. I learned an unbelievable amount about myself - both as a parent and, simply, as a person. I gained confidence in my ability to love, support, and guide my children toward becoming everything they could be. I struggled and cried and felt like I was failing at times, but sharing it here was the best kind of therapy - a way to help others while I helped myself. 

I've made amazing friends and have been given many wonderful opportunities because of this blog. I've been so blessed to have somehow fallen into a circle of truly dedicated, brilliant, and inspiring bloggers, authors, and educators who generously shared what I wrote and who offered me a chance to write for other sites and publications. My deepest gratitude to all of you. 

But now, my kids are 8 1/2. They're old enough that I feel much less comfortable writing about them - even if it's in the context of me working through my own parenting struggles. At this age these are really their stories to tell. 

It's been hard to let go of something I worked on for so long. But I have to follow my heart and I can't force a passion for this when it no longer exists. My apologies to anyone who's subscribed recently - and there've been a surprising amount of you! The blog will stay up for the foreseeable future so the information won't be lost. My Facebook & Twitter pages are gone, but my Pinterest page is still up - although I no longer add to it. 

You've been such a wonderful community of parents. Knowing how many of you are out there learning about respectful parenting makes me so hopeful for this youngest generation of children. You all deserve a great deal of praise for the hard work you're doing - it may feel like a drop in the bucket, but I have no doubt we can change the world. Thank you for making your children such a priority. And thank you for letting me be even a small a part of your parenting journey.

And so, this is goodbye. 
With love,

Monday, September 22, 2014

All Your Discipline Questions Answered. No, Seriously.

How can we teach our kids right from wrong,
without losing a loving connection?
Photo Credit
For many of us, our job as parent is fairly easy until our children begin to be able to voice their wants, needs and opinions with some vigor. At this point we adults are faced with issues we didn't anticipate, and many of us are sorely unprepared for how we react when our previously lovely children no longer do what we want them to do when we want them to do it!

And this is probably just about when the questions about "how can I discipline my children?" begin. 

I remember asking those questions. I remember feeling so frustrated, and so exhausted, and so useless as a parent when my son and daughter would do the exact opposite of what I told them to do, or when they would fight endlessly about nonsense, or when I would end up screaming because I just couldn't take it anymore. I read every book and asked every expert and tried every technique (some of which worked, many of which didn't). Ultimately, all of this is why I started this blog - to help those of you who became parents after me short cut to the good stuff. 

Today I have some super AMAZING good stuff for you (so good that I am actually writing a post on my blog which lately has been sorely neglected because of other writing projects - I am so sorry and thank you to all of you who are sticking with me and I promise I will be back here soon). And yes, this amazing good stuff has to do with discipline, and your kids, and making parenting easier! And don't forget to read to the end because I have a little surprise for one lucky reader. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Twins And Postpartum Depression: Amber's Story

"Recent research pinpoints hormonal imbalance as the cause of PPD, making mothers of multiples particularly at risk for this condition due to the increased hormonal fluctuations that accompany their pregnancies. The intensified demands of caring for two, three or more infants make it even more likely that a mom of multiples will feel overwhelmed, drained or depressed after her babies are born." ~
There are times I look back on the early years with our twins and wonder if I had some form of postpartum depression. I didn't think I had anything at the time, other than exhaustion, anxiety, irritation at my husband and the occasional bouts of depression I had battled all of my life. 

Whether it was full blown PPD, I can't say for sure. However, given that some research shows that 43% of mothers of multiples experience Postpartum Depression, it's certainly a possibility. 

Recently a mother in my multiples club shared her story of PPD and kindly agreed to let me interview her here. Amber Weitz is a stay at home mom to 28-month old twin boys, Connor and Jake. She is also a photographer and former Photo Editor at People Magazine and Berliner Photography.

Please read Amber's story and, if you are moved to do so, share your own in the comments. If you have resources to share, please add them as well. The more we recognize the symptoms of PPD, the more likely we are to reach out to friends and family to help. 

The more we see our own behaviors and experiences in others, the more we know we are not alone.

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